Developing Ideas Together


From Beverly Hills to Manhattan, and recently - from Zürich to Geneva, for well over 20 years our customers enjoy the right mixture of professionalism and creativity we constantly strive to provide. Our portfolio includes murals, watercolors and oil paintings, copies of old masters, trompe l'oeil, marbleizing and other faux finishes, decorative textures, gold-leafing, reconstructions and restorations, and experimental techniques.

There is nothing better than complete understanding between professionals! At Good Old Art GmbH we truly enjoy cooperating with larger firms as a subcontractor responsible for the visual part of the project. Call us and we guarantee you will not be disappointed. We are experienced in artistic conceptual work, color coordination for painting projects, presentation drawings and sketches, problem solving and all kinds of restoration and reconstruction of old objects of art (including cooperation with the Historical & Architectural Preservation Office and the City Architect). References upon request.

Textures and special wall finishes

Liturgical projects

Restorations and reconstructions

Murals and Paintings