Spreckels Building

Complete exterior restoration of the Spreckels Building,

Landmark in Coronado, California.

Dylan House

Complete restoration of the lobby. Dylan House does not have anything to do with Bob Dylan. It is an office building located on 6th Avenue in Manhattan. Most of the offices there are architect and

fashion design studios.

Bank of Italy

Recovery, partial restoration and partial reconstruction of the ornamental wooden ceiling. The building is located in San Diego, California. It was finished in 1922 and interior was done in then popular "Old California Mission" style. Over the time the ownership of the building changed many times till the building was reduced just to a grocery store. The Bank of Italy also changed - became the Bank of America! Years of neglect and abuse left this ornamental ceiling in  horrible condition. Big portion of it was even painted over with the oil based white paint for the "hygienic reasons". It took us two months just to remove the layer of the white paint without completely destroying the artwork still remaining underneath.

Mission San Jose

Dominican Sisters of the Mission San Jose have their own church located next to the old mission. When the total restoration was planned I was chosen to create a special wall finish - modern enough to fit the updated interior but still reminding everybody about the old "adobe" style tradition.

Symbols of Genesis

When the construction of the modern Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Rowland Hights, California was completed there was a need for the matching contemporary ornament. My design called the "chain of symbols" was accepted. Each link of the "chain" represents one day of creation.

Our Lady of Czestochowa Church

Complete restoration of the church interior - Our Lady of Czestochowa Church in Worcester, Massachussets.

Mary Star of the Sea Church

Continuous mural incorporating Stations of the Cross created for a modern church in Oxnard, California.

Paintings and Murals

Sometimes customers ask for

a "real thing" - a painting for example.

Does not happen too often or...often enough....

Ornamental decorations

Adding something special